About Us

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a democratically run, member-owned and operated cooperative. We strive to make Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery membership and activities welcoming and accessible to all members of our diverse community.


The Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is member-owned!  That means you, yes you, can own your own brewery.  All members of the co-op have an equal share in the brewery and its success.


A portion of the beer brewed by Flying Bike is chosen by the membership. Contribute your homebrew recipes or your taste buds to help the co-op decide what beers we brew and serve in our brewery!


Now that the brewery is open for business everyone is invited to come on down and enjoy a pint or two (or more)!  Revel in the success that you, the membership, helped us build!  Enjoy YOUR space and YOUR beers!

Our Values

Collaboration – FBCB will be the birthplace for great beer. Our members will be an integral part in designing and voting on what we brew. The beer will not simply be the brewery’s beers, but will truly belong to our members.

Education – We believe that beer education will foster a deeper appreciation for beer. On-site member classes on ingredients, styles, tasting notes, food pairings and the brewing process will ensure our members and staff are the smartest craft beer drinkers around.

Community – FBCB plans to be a visible part of our community. We look forward to building relationships with craft brewers, coops and local businesses. Additionally, we plan to give back to our community through charity events and education.

Innovation – We have a great beer community in the Seattle area. Our member-judged brewing competitions will ensure we brew wonderfully diverse, world-class beers.

Sustainability – Our vision is to be an environmentally conscious brewery with a focus on sustainability. Good for the beer, good for the planet.

Board of Directors

  • Tony Ridgeway
    Tony Ridgeway Board President
    Tony is a native of Seattle.  During the day he is an analyst for a local hospital.  He recently was the first to complete the Business Of Craft Beer certification at the University of Washington Tacoma.  He looks forward to bringing this knowledge as well as his passion for increasing volunteer opportunities at Flying Bike.
    Term Expires: 2020
  • Neha Gandhi
    Neha Gandhi Vice President

    Neha moved to Seattle from the East Coast. She has enjoyed exploring the Pacific Northwest and all that it has to offer including the amazing local beer. She joined Flying Bike after the lease was signed in Greenwood. She has enjoyed watching (and
    helping) the brewery grow into the neighborhood fixture that it is today. While on the board, she looks forward to deepening the existing community relationships and creating new ones throughout Seattle.
    Term Expires: 2020

  • Andrew Bieber
    Andrew Bieber Treasurer

    Andrew is the Cycling Certified Cicerone, a real beer and bikes are life kind of guy. Being a Certified Cicerone is like being a sommelier for beer, and he cycles while he does it because there really is no better way. He writes about the best brewery bike routes in and around Washington and produces the podcast Washington Beer Talk. If he's not talking to a brewer about how they run their breweries, it's only because he has beer in his mouth.

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Mia McCurdy
    Mia McCurdy Director

    Mia came home to Seattle three years ago after stints in Denver, New York, and Minneapolis--where she first fell for craft beer. Upon moving home, she found herself in Greenwood and quickly fell in love with the neighborhood, and hopes to grow Flying Bike as the neighborhood brewery.  She will pet every dog in the brewery before ordering her beer, which will most likely be whatever is on nitro.

    Term Expires: 2019

  • Jessica Hagen
    Jessica Hagen Director

    Jes, originally a Hoosier turned Seattleite and lover of craft beer (especially Brown Ales), is excited to be a part of continuing to bring our beloved neighborhood brewery into a Greenwood community staple! During the day, she runs marketing campaigns for a local cybersecurity company and on the weekends is usually up to some international travelling. She brings her marketing and sales expertise to Flying Bike's leadership.

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Paul Mason
    Paul Mason Director

    Paul joined Flying Bike in 2014. You may see him biking to the library with his kids, Riley and Linnea, or walking with his wife, Alice. By day, he’s a software tester and scrum master. His interests include plant biology, Brazilian drumming, and cycling. Currently, craft beer and community-building top the list. Paul wants Flying Bike to keep brewing better beer and solidify its status as a neighborhood institution.

    Term Expires: 2022

  • Dana Hansen
    Dana Hansen Director

    Dana has been calling Seattle home for the last 12 years and instantly fell in love with the beauty of the area. She joined the brewery opening weekend and has been a regular ever since. By day, she works at a local solar tech start up, but every Wednesday evening she's at the brewery leading the Run Club and having a pint with friends. Dana is looking forward to building relationships within the brewery and the community.

    Term Expires: 2023

  • Christina Hayes
    Christina Hayes Director

    Christina is (nearly) a life-long Puget Sounder that fell in love with the Flying Bike and greater Greenwood community in 2017. She loves to bike (in spin classes), explore the outdoors, lose at trivia nights with friends, and is always seeking out a new book to read and a new beer to try. Christina has a background in marketing, social media, event planning, and customer service that she is excited to bring to the Flying Bike.

    Term Expires: 2021

  • Kelsi Wainwright
    Kelsi Wainwright Director

    Kelsi is a New Mexico native turned Seattle resident. Since moving to Seattle in 2008, Kelsi has lived in many neighborhoods including Greenwood which is how she found and fell in love with the Bike! In her daily life, she works for the State of Washington doing law stuff and lives with her unruly but adorable cat. On the weekends, you’ll find her cooking up something delicious, reading, and most definitely trying new beers. Kelsi looks forward to growing community enthusiasm for the Bike through fun events.

    Term Expires: 2024

Brewery & Tasting Room Staff

  • Kevin Forhan
    Kevin Forhan Head Brewer

    Kevin Forhan is a Seattle native who grew up in the Wedgewood neighborhood. He has been a craft brewer in Seattle since 1990, beginning at Pike Place (now Pike) Brewery, and moving on to serve as head brewer of the Big Time Brewery in the University District from 1997 to 2004. After a two-year adventure living in Spain, he returned to join Elysian Brewing Company as the original head brewer of their Elysian Fields location, and has most recently held the position of Regional Brewer for RAM International, after beginning as head brewer of their Northgate location. He is a multiple Great American Beer Festival award winner and has taken a special interest in cask-conditioned beer, Belgian styles, and the creative use of hops.

  • Josiah
    Josiah Beertender

    Josiah Green is a long time favorite at Flying Bike.  He was lured away from the Green Bean coffeehouse initially, and finds that beer & people in a Co-op setting are a great combo.  Recently taking time off to pursue his interests in IT, he returns as our bar lead bringing a smile to regular and newcomer's faces alike!

  • Meghan
    Meghan Beertender
    Meghan is a dog loving, beer drinking pnw native.
    You can find her hiking trails with her pug, and enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. The wonderful friendliness of the staff and regulars is what drew her to the Flying Bike. Come by on Tuesdays and say hello!
  • Jenna
    Jenna Beertender

    An early regular of Flying Bike, Jenna fell in love with our Co-op and our beer and decided to translate her enthusiasm into a position on our staff.

  • Lindsay
    Lindsay Beertender

    When Flying Bike had just opened, Lindsay couldn't get enough of watching our Mariners and Seahawks WIN while drinking our great beer.  When we started looking for more staff, she was eager to join the team and get more involved.  She's a great addition to the team and will always greet you with a warm smile and a great beer recommendation!

  • Tessa
    Tessa Beertender
    Tessa is a true food service industry professional, serving coffee by morning and beer by evening. Essentially, we don't know what we would do without her. When she isn't making sure you have a delicious beverage in your hand, she likes to play the piano and sketch beautiful artwork.

  • Amber
    Amber Beertender

    Amber comes to Flying Bike Brewing with many years of experience enjoying craft brews. From the Midwest to Seattle Amber loves to share her enthusiasm of good beer with her community. When not enjoying the Seattle Beer Scene Amber can be spotted spinning fire with various dance troupes at community events.

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