1. I certify that I am at least 21 years old, not already a member of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery (the Co-op), and that the information I have provided in the application is complete and correct.

2. I agree to maintain a valid electronic and physical address with the Co-op. I understand that should I not do so, my participation in the Joining Member Program (the program) may be cancelled. I further consent to receive communications from the Co-op electronically and through the United States Postal Service.

3. I understand that I am not a member of the Co-op until the full membership payment is made and all conditions set forth in the Co-op's Articles and Bylaws have been satisfied. Therefore, I recognize that I am ineligible to vote, to have purchases tracked for purposes of patronage refunds, receive patronage refunds, attend the annual meeting as a member, run for the board, or receive any other benefit reserved for members in the Co-op's Articles and Bylaws, until I become a full member.

4. I understand that if I don't make a payment for 60 days that I will become an inactive participant of the Joining Member program and become ineligible for all benefits afforded to active participants of the program. I may become an active participant again by making a payment of at least $10 towards membership, so long as my participation in the program has not been cancelled.

5. I agree that should I not make a payment for a full year (365 days from date of last payment) that my participation in the program shall be cancelled.

6. I understand that my Joining Member funds are subject to risks inherent in any start-up enterprise, as well as unique risks associated with operating in a heavily regulated industry. Such risk may result in the loss of part or all such funds. Understanding these risks, I agree to release the Co-op from any liability associated with the loss of all or part of my payments.

7. By participating in the program I hereby agree to the Co-op's Membership terms and conditions when I become a member. These terms and conditions are incorporated by reference herein. [Link]

8. I understand that participation in the program and payments towards full membership are non-transferable.

9. I understand that the terms of the program may change. All joining member and member benefits ancillary to those set forth in the Co-op's Articles and Bylaws are elective and may be changed, suspended, or cancelled at any time.

10. Should I wish to cancel my participation in the program and have the refundable portion of my payments returned, I understand I must make a written request to the Co-op via mail (8570 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98126), or via e-mail (members@flyingbike.coop). My participation in the program shall be deemed cancelled upon the day that the next joining member enters the program after my cancellation request is received by the Co-op.

11. Should my participation in the program be cancelled for any reason above, the Co-op shall return the refundable portion of my payments to my address in the Co-op's records within 4 weeks of the date of cancellation. Unredeemed refunds may be subject to Washington State's unclaimed property laws.

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