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  • Zest-a-Peel

    Delicious and refreshing, this grapefruit IPA has been racked onto freshly-zested grapefruit peels and infused with grapefruit juice.

    ABV: 6.5%

    IBUs: 60

  • Drink Your Damn Oatmeal Brown Ale

    A complexly flavored but quenching ale brewed with English Golden Promise and brown malt, a unique oat malt from our local Skagit Valley Matings, and a hint of English Fuggles hops, and fermented with a traditional English ale yeast.

    ABV: 4.3%

    IBUs: 25

  • GPA Pale

    "G.P.A." is for "Greenwood Pale Ale"--a classic American Pale Ale with all Cascade hops.

    ABV: 6.2%

    IBUs: 40

  • "Barbarossa" Red Lager

    Domestic pilsner and German specialty malts with German Northern Brewer and a splash of Chinook hops and a classic German lager yeast make for a medium-bodied, malt-accented red lager with noticeable hop aroma and flavor

    ABV: 5.9%

    IBUs: 25

  • Knife Spoon Grapefruit IPA

    Lots of El Dorado, Citra, Azacca, Galaxy, and Chinook hops, with dried and fresh grapefruit

    ABV: 6%

    IBUs: 40

  • Passion Fruit-Pink Guava Seltzer with Pineapple Infusion

    Strong seltzer fermented with Pink Guava and Passionfruit

    ABV: 6.8%

    IBUs: 0

  • Spudnik Hazy IPA

    Our newest hazy IPA, featuring Idaho 7, Simcoe, and Citra hops

    ABV: 6.8%

    IBUs: 40

  • RaineMaker IPA

    Classic Northwest-Style IPA featuring Citra hops

    ABV: 6.4%

    IBUs: 60

  • Fresh Hop Harvest Ale

    Brewed with fresh hops picked the day of brewing from co-op members gardens. Fermented with a Scottish ale yeast.

    ABV: 5.2%

  • Oktoberfest

    Classic German fest lager brewed with all German malt and hops and fermented with a Bavarian lager yeast. Malty-accented, medium strength, quaffable.

    ABV: 5.4%

    IBUs: 26

  • Youngstown Stout

    Classic American-style Stout with a blend of caramel and roasted malts

    ABV: 7%

    IBUs: 50

  • RaineShadow RaineMaker/Stout Blend

    A nice bit of roast with your mellow hops. All. kinds of the things.

    ABV: 6.7%

    IBUs: 55

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