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Over the past 7 months

we have achieved a huge feat – We built a brewery! – but we certainly did not “go it alone”.  And while there are many different ways we were assisted – the Co-op community, our 1500+ members and their time & talents, the Greenwood Community – I want to take some time to thank a significant contributing group that help assure our success in the buildout and coming online as a real brewery.  That thanks goes directly to the Brewing Community itself!

That's John Dalton from Elysian, alongside Bill Jenkins from the NorthGate RAM Brewery

That's Josh Dalton from Elysian, alongside Bill Jenkins from the NorthGate RAM Brewery

Unlike the dog-eat-dog environment that pervades many business segments, and challenges start ups of every kind, the Seattle Brewing community instead embraces any new endeavor if you show that you are doing your homework and sincere in your quest.  Over the past couple of years our board members have interviewed, toured, inquired, emailed, volunteered, phoned, and generally solicited help from almost all of our neighboring breweries – and without exception each and every one of them has gladly provided assistance.  We have received help with equipment reviews, brewery layout, yeast saving, build-vs-buy, building materials, LCB & TTB pathfinding, staffing advice, process advice, sourcing materials, brewing advice – absolutely everything under the sun in this brewing world.  And instead of viewing us as “competition”, we have been admitted to this brewing fraternity as a long lost brother, and guided past many obstacles (and the krakken!!).


Brewing Royalty: Rose and Charlie Finkle - Drinking at the 'Bike!!

As a small token of our appreciation I’d like to call them all out here – and I know I am going to miss some and for that I apologize for this in advance.

But part of the joy in building this oddly structured brewery, has been how much help we have been given, and how welcome we have been made to feel, for just wanting to produce the best Ales we can for our beer loving community.  And all these folks have been invaluable to that – and by association you can credit a large amount of our current success to them!  To give you an idea of just how much help we received, check out this list (in no particular order):




Thanks guys, for all that you do for #memberdrivenbeer success!!

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