OktoberFAST: Our Autumn Hombrew Competition!

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Brew and Enter our Autumn Homebrew Competition!

OktoberFAST - August 4th & 5th

We're excited to invite all Flying Bike Member-Owners to submit their favorite OktoberFAST recipe to our Autumn 2018 FestBier competition! As you all know we have been keeping this style a secret in order to challenge you to produce your best lager in less than 6 weeks, that's why we are calling it OktoberFAST. This event will be held at Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery, where submitted beers will be available for members to taste and judge for a few hours before opening on August 4th and during certain business hours on the 5th.

For reference, check out BJCP Festbier (4B) or Märzen (6A). As usual, however, please use these guidelines as reference only and feel free to inject your own creativity! The winning beer will be determined by a "best of show" competition judged by your fellow member-owners.

** For this Oktoberfest we are looking for a quick lagered beer for short turnaround at the brewery!**

We are limiting the number of submissions to 30, so sign up early! Limit one beer submission per brewer. This is your chance to get involved with YOUR brewery! Your recipe could be scaled up and consumed by craft beer lovers all over Seattle.

Submissions must be received on or before July 30th - so start building those recipes!

Some other things to consider:

"Your Beer Here"

  •  Keep your recipe practical to produce from a process standpoint. You can be creative, but keep in mind that Kevin will need to perform these steps at 7bbl scale!
  •  Strive to be economically scalable with your ingredients as well. Limit them to easily available grains, hops and adjuncts. This aspect will be key to whether or not Flying Bike can regularly brew your beer and feature it on draft (and possibly available for distribution!)

Any Flying Bike member-owner may submit a beer and/or attend the event to taste and vote (including brewers!). The winning recipe will be scaled up and brewed in our brewhouse by Kevin Forhan with YOU as their assistant!

Beers will be available to sample on both days of the competition, so please be sure to submit plenty of beer. We strongly recommend 3 gallons as a minimum; we don't want to run out of your potential winning beer before all the ballots are cast! You can submit your beer in bottles or kegs. Keg submissions must supply their own party tap.

To sign up as a Brewer - Please click this link.

Don’t forget to label your corny (or bottles) with your name, phone number and member number, and label your party tap as well to avoid losing it.

Interested in participating as a judge? Judges can attend whichever day is more convenient for them. Voting will be similar to our last few competitions and we'll explain it beforehand. Stay tuned, as more details and a link to signup for judging will be sent out to all members closer to the event.

This event is eligible for the 2018 Frequent Flyer Passport Program. Bring in your Passport card for a punch! Don't have a card? Pick one up at the brewery.
Please email beer@flyingbike.coop if you have any questions.

We can't wait to see you here!

Your Member Driven Beer Team

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