Kevin’s Korner – Dec 2017

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Notes from the Head Brewer:

We're reporting to you from out here on the edge of town, smack dab in the heart of the Greenwood Central Brewing District.

That Saint Phinneyus collaboration brew with Naked City and the Phinney Neighborhood Association has been so much fun! Check out the bottles in the fridge back there, if you haven’t already. They look great. In fact, check out all the bottles in that fridge. You never know what might’ve just come off our bottling line, AKA “Scott Jensen.” Maybe you owe yourself a little present.

Member-driven beers are shining. The latest to grab a tap, Sarah Rood’s Coffee Milk Stout, is a hit, joining Raine Lightner (RainMaker IPA), Michael Jenkins (Uncanny Valley pale), and Tony Ochsner’s (Storm Cycle CDA) great contributions. Next up will be Eric Blume’s Phinneywood Porter. Thank these members the next time you see them. Don’t be shy--the’re all surprisingly approachable.

And of course the aforementioned Adjunct Professor (Scott Jensen) and I have been fooling around a bit on the side. Look for a big brown thing (naming suggestions welcome), an east-coasty session IPA (naming suggestions welcome), and our next one-off IPA, featuring El Dorado hops. That’ll go into our new double fermenter, so there should be plenty for everyone.  

I invite you to join me in a New Year’s resolution for 2018: what d’ya say we make some beer?

See you at the brewery,

Kevin Forhan

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